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Payroll Services

Why you should use a fully-managed payroll service

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Save on payroll costs

Managing payroll can be a huge logistical and financial expense for businesses. Smartsalary Payroll Solutions ensure a fixed cost per payslip with a responsive system that recognises the specific requirements of each pay cycle. You won’t pay a cent more than you should on payroll.

They can provide a customised payroll solution for you that will deliver peace of mind and process efficiences. They specialising in making complex things simple, including interpretation of award rates and complicated employment arrangements such as implementation of senior executive payroll and intricate industry conditions.

Streamline your payroll processes

Streamline payroll and take the pressure off internal resources without the need for an IT infrastructure upgrade. We’ll eliminate process gaps in your organisation’s payroll management (for instance, due to unforeseen staff absences or planned leave), and our cloud-based software will ensure you have access whenever and wherever you need it.

When it comes to payroll, unsupported "off-the-shelf" products often cannot address the unique and changing needs of complex organisations. With Smartsalary Payroll Solutions, support is part of the service. We’ll review your current payroll process, then tailor your payroll solution, including customised implementation support.

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Leverage smart software

Cloud-based software means you can access the system in real-time, 24/7. What’s more, you will be provided with comprehensive implementation support and training, and ongoing client assistance. It’s easy to learn and easy to use.  The software:

  • Accurately interprets highly complex award entitlements, and automatically updates with changes to the relevant Australian legislation
  • Integrates with your salary packaging and employee benefits program
  • Has multi-tenant architecture meaning the system automatically incorporates the latest version of the platform (so you won’t be inconvenienced by software updates)
Access comprehensive reporting

Be it analysis of payroll costs, review of employee payments against the relevant industrial award requirements, leave liability, absences or turnover, you can create custom reports to help your business make informed decisions.

From your analytics dashboard, you can view key metrics at a glance. You can also choose to receive automated reports at the end of each pay cycle, and/or each month.

And should you require it, the team at Smartsalary Payroll Solutions are on hand to help you develop even more complex reporting.

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Provide employee self-service

Your employees access self-service through the ESS portal, allowing them to manage their personal data and bank accounts, timesheet entries, reimbursements and apply for leave. They can also view their personal earnings, payslips, adjustments, payment summaries and more.

Take advantage of our expertise

Smartsalary Payroll Solutions has developed a deep understanding of complex employment arrangements, payroll needs and award entitlements, and work with a range of organisations to customise fully-managed payroll solutions to suit their specific business needs.


Key benefits
Access our expertise

Partner with Smartsalary Payroll Solutions, save cost and time and access a team with significant service experience and process expertise.

Tailor your solution

Support, tailored to your needs, is part of the service. Unsupported ‘off-the-shelf’ products often can’t address the unique and changing payroll needs of complex organisations.

Stay compliant

The consequences of incorrect award application can be significant. We ensure you stay on top of ever-changing legislation and awards.

Expert support for your payroll needs

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