For corporate and private organisations, the competition for talent can be fierce.

More than any other sector, the corporate sector offers employees the opportunity to negotiate financial rewards, benefits and flexibility, so attracting and retaining top talent can be challenging. 

What’s more, businesses are under ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs and manage processes and assets more efficiently, often with fewer resources.  

Smartgroup partners with corporate organisations to help them achieve their employee remuneration and fleet management objectives. Our corporate sector providers have the expertise, technology and time to manage your employee salary packaging and novated leasing programs, fleet and pool vehicles, complex employee payroll arrangements, and employee share plans for you (including the associated compliance and reporting obligations).

At Smartgroup, we:

  • offer the flexibility of either a tied-to-payroll or invoice-based novated leasing solution. Few businesses have the time, industry knowledge or resources to manage the complexities of a comprehensive novated leasing program. But we partner with you to manage your entire program, from employee education and customer service to end-to-end administration

  • manage salary packaging for some of the largest and most stringent government, healthcare and education providers in Australia, administering over 325,000 employee salary packages. In our experience, salary packaging is an underleveraged benefit in the corporate sector but can provide significant tax savings to your employees at almost no cost to your business

  • provide flexible employee share plan administration for private, public, start-up and international companies, through Smartequity. Employee share plans turn your employees into shareholders, giving them a vested interest in the success of the organisation and can be a highly effective tool for companies looking to attract, motivate and retain top talent

  • provide fully-managed payroll solutions, helping private organisations reduce their payroll costs, manage complex employer arrangements and find efficiencies in the payroll process. Smartsalary Payroll Solutions takes the pressure off your internal time, and our payroll software automatically updates with any changes to government legislation.