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Managing budgets and maintaining optimal patient care is a constant challenge in healthcare

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Complex staffing recruitment and rostering arrangements, highly-specific skill sets, and unpredictable demand can play into the challenge of managing healthcare staff costs and ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time. Just like any other industry, there is stiff competition for quality staff, both in the public and private sectors.

Smartgroup is trusted by some of Australia’s largest healthcare providers to help find time and cost efficiencies. We not only make industry-specific salary packaging benefits accessible to employees, we actively drive benefit uptake, helping hospitals significantly reduce staff costs with innovative workforce modelling and optimisation, and fully-flexible and cost-effective fleet management.

At Smartgroup, we:
  • Have a significant number of salary packaging and novated leasing customers who are nurses and medical professionals. Our award-winning customer service and on-site consultants help ensure staff understand and make the most of their salary packaging benefits.
  • Have helped some of Australia’s leading hospitals save millions in staffing costs (both today and in the future) by driving staffing efficiencies - without compromising patient care - through workforce modelling and optimisation.
  • Offer flexible fleet management solutions including Pool Vehicle Booking, a fleet car-sharing system that can cater for a varying number of vehicles and unpredictable usage patterns to save healthcare providers time and money and reduce the environmental impact of their cars.

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