Fleet Management

Every fleet, like every organisation, is unique

That's why our fleet management services can be tailored to meet your organisational needs; whether it’s the provision of a cloud-based solution that allows for your fleet to be managed internally or a fully outsourced model where Smartfleet handles all aspects of your fleet of vehicles.

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Fully outsourced

Our fully outsourced solutions means that you no longer have to worry about complex administration relating to the management of your fleet.

We’ll take care of vehicle procurement, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) management, reporting, repair and service authorisation, registration renewals, tolls and infringements.

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Cloud-based software

Our comprehensive cloud-based fleet management system allows organisations to manage their own data entry and reporting.

This solution provides complete cost transparency and streamlined fleet management capabilities, thus allowing for efficiency and minimised fleet expenditure.

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Hybrid solution

We work with you to tailor a solution that best meets your specific organisational requirements.

This option allows you to select which services you’d like to outsource to Smartfleet, and what you would prefer to do in-house.

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