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Education Providers

Rewarding employees while managing assets on a budget is a key challenge for education providers

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Meeting budget challenges in the education sector requires clever solutions to ensure both employee engagement and ready access to shared resources. Our education sector specialists have expertise in public, private and religious educational institutions, and we are trusted by individual schools and universities, state departments and dioceses to cater to their salary packaging needs.

We work with organisations to ensure employees make the most of the salary packaging benefits available to them. We’re proud to have helped tens of thousands of teachers and other school staff get into a new car with a novated lease. We also offer tailored, cost-effective fleet management solutions.

At Smartgroup, we:
  • Are trusted by educational institutions to deliver salary packaging and novated leasing to teachers and education professionals working in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.
  • Partner with clubs and associations eligible for the same salary packaging and novated leasing benefits as some educational institutions.
  • Offer flexible fleet management, including a Pool Vehicle Booking system, which can cater for a varying number of vehicles and unpredictable vehicle usage patterns to save education providers time, money and environmental impact of their cars. 


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