Smartgroup Foundation FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find an office for Smartgroup Foundation?
Can Smartgroup Foundation grants be used towards general business and administration costs?
Can a project be implemented across multiple states and territories, or must it be confined to one state or territory within Australia?
How specific should I make the description of my program and its outcomes?
How limited are the designated areas that Smartgroup Foundation supports?
Is equal funding allocated for each area that Smartgroup Foundation supports?
My charity has numerous projects. Am I allowed to submit multiple applications in the same grants round?
I have a number of different projects I require funding for. Can you provide me with guidance about which project is most appealing to the Smartgroup Foundation?
What is the assessment process for applications to the Foundation?
What supporting documentation should I include with my application?
Do you support overseas projects?
What does a grass roots project mean?

Have a question in regards to the Smartgroup Foundation grants?

If you have any questions in relation to the Smartgroup Foundation or Grant Applications, please check our FAQs section to see if the answer is there. For any other queries, please email the team. Please note grant applications for 2022 are now open, and close on 27th June.