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How our customers are shoring up the survival of endangered turtles

02 May 2019

Located on Queensland’s south-east coast, Bundaberg is home to 70,000 people, world-famous rum, and the largest population of nesting marine turtles on the east coast.

But one species of marine turtle has become critically endangered in this region, and Smartgroup, along with our customers and carbon offset partner, is working to shore up their survival through the aptly named, ‘Low Glow’ project.

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While the Loggerhead turtle is found all over the world, its low reproductivity means it has an almost permanent place on the list of creatures at risk of extinction. And, at Mon Repos Turtle Hatchery, the risk is even higher.

The problem is the artificial light from nearby Bundaberg flooding the beach front where turtles lay their eggs. Hatchlings confuse the light pollution created by the city with the moonlight over the water and head inland rather than out to sea. Death is almost inevitable and, with only one in 10,000 living half their expected life, every hatchling is critical to the survival of the species.

Through our partnership with carbon offset provider Greenfleet, our customers have funded the planting of over 80,000 fast growing trees which will form a ‘green curtain’, reducing the impact of light pollution from the city and improving the survival rate of these precious young turtles.

And over 30 years, the green curtain will also capture 50,000 tonnes of carbon pollution from the atmosphere.

“This is a really exciting project. Smartgroup is in the unique position to be able to direct donations from our customers to Greenfleet, which are then deployed into initiatives like Low Glow,” says Dave Adler, Chief Executive of Smartgroup’s Leasing and Fleet Divisions. “Low Glow is also backed by the Prince’s Family Trust and Walt Disney Company, so it’s a big project making a huge local impact.”

Here is the story of in the ingenious Low Glow project and the work that’s shoring up the Loggerheads’ survival. 

Watch the video now >>