Why offer novated leasing as a salary packaging benefit?

There are a number of advantages for employers that offer novated leasing as a salary packaging benefit.

  • Increases employee disposable income without cost to the organisation
  • Offers employees a greater choice of vehicles compared to company-funded operating leases or company-owned vehicles
  • Seamless, outsourced management and reporting means no additional administrative burden for organisations
  • GST breaks for employers, as well as reduced payroll tax liability
  • A valuable and sought-after benefit to enhance remuneration and retention strategies, and inspire a more positive and loyal culture
  • Low financial risk as employees are obligated to service the lease should they leave the organisation

Why choose a Smartgroup company?

Smartgroup companies are leading providers of novated leasing across all sectors, from corporate to government, and not-for-profits, with specialist teams to meet the unique needs of organisations (and their employees).

One provider, maximum employee benefits

As well as novated leasing, you may choose to offer employees a full suite of salary-packaging benefits, for example superannuation, laptops, and meal entertainment.


Novated leasing simplified

We have an administration solution to fit yours, from traditional invoicing to fully-integrated systems that simplify processing for your payroll team and salary-packaging employees.

Unrivalled customer service

Our award-winning customer service teams ensure your employees are informed and satisfied with their employee benefits.

Minimise your business risk

Smartgroup companies are trusted to deliver novated leasing to over 60,000 employees across all sectors, so you know your employees are in good hands.