Why use a fully-managed payroll service?


Managing payroll can be a huge logistical and financial expense for businesses. Yet despite this, many are unaware of the actual cost of processing a payslip at their organisation. Additionally, in complex environments, with ever-changing employee arrangements and compliance requirements, internal resources can become strained, with crucial time being lost to administration, and compliance put at risk.

Save on payroll costs

At Smartsalary Payroll Solutions, we ensure a fixed cost per payslip with a responsive system that recognises the specific requirements of each pay cycle. You won’t pay a cent more than you should on payroll.

Improve process

We’ll help you review your payroll process to ensure that time isn’t being wasted on unnecessary paperwork. Our software platform can be customised to meet your needs, and you can avoid the need for expensive and time-consuming staff training and IT infrastructure updates.

Interpret award structures correctly

Interpreting awards correctly can be difficult, and incorrect award application can have serious implications. Our team are experts at interpreting highly complex award structures. Our qualified consultants translate Australian government award entitlements and apply them to your payroll process. 

Minimise compliance risk

Government regulations can often change. Our payroll software is automatically updated with any changes to legislation. It’s a relief to know your payroll processes are always compliant.