Share Plan Administration

Employee Incentive Plans are an increasingly popular way for organisations to attract, motivate and retain an engaged and highly capable workforce.
While strictly regulated by Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), equity plans are unique in that, with meticulous administration and high employee engagement, they’re regarded as a win/win for employers and their employees.
Share plan administrators, Smartequity (formerly Trinity Management Group) was acquired by Smartgroup in January 2016 and brings more than 30 years’ expertise in share plan administration.
Smartequity offers flexible management plans, so the level of outsourcing can be tailored to meet the organisation’s needs. 
Services include:

Plan implementation

  • Engagement of all employees, from the board to the broader workforce, with implementation seminars and handbooks delivered in plain English to ensure there is thorough understanding of how employees will benefit from their participation
  • Establishment of equity plans 

Plan administration

  • Ongoing confidential support for both the organisation and employee shareholders, including timely resolution of queries and anomalies. 
  • ASIC, ASX, APRA and ATO compliance
  • Timely communications detailing changes and their impact
  • Detailed and accurate reporting and the documenting of transactions
  • Flexible and convenient online communications for employers and plan participants