Workforce Management

Optimising workforce resources and reducing running costs, all while delivering the best possible patient care, is an ongoing challenge for hospital administrators and managers. Health-e Workforce Solutions delivers powerful workforce management tools via world-class proprietary software that is already saving some of Australia’s leading hospitals millions of dollars in present-day and future staffing costs.

Future Staff Planning and Management
Our Yearly Planner provides managers at all levels of an organisation with the real-time workforce data they need to best manage staffing resources; including predicting future staffing requirements and identifying shortfalls, optimising leave management, and targeted recruiting to ensure ideal skills mix.

Detailed Staffing Requirement Calculations
The Profiler module can adapt to calculate any specific roster configuration and draws on a range of available information to calculate Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staffing requirements, ensuring the right mix of skills and personnel for present day management and future planning.

Accurate Workforce Costing and Reporting
Utilising your staff data, in-built award interpreters and detailed roster profiles, the Budget module helps to build better budgets by accurately forecasting staffing costs. With this information, any number of reports can be drawn, from standard cost centre analysis to professional groups, clinical streams and functional work categories.

Comprehensive Workforce Modelling
The Predictive Modelling tool uses existing payroll and HR data to build out any number of workforce scenarios, allowing administrators to identify the most efficient care and staffing models for their organisation.

Centralised Casual Workforce Management
Our Workforce and Allocations modules reduce the lengthy process of backfilling shifts to just a few minutes by acting as an interface between unit managers and central resource allocations and minimises the reliance on high cost /agency staff. Approvals, cost allocation and shift booking via SMS are also managed within these powerful staffing tools.

Fully Customisable and Comprehensive Reporting
Our unique Reports module provides more than 60 data-rich reports with literally thousands of user configurations, giving administrators the capacity to generate pinpoint performance analysis, and support alternate workforce scenarios with accurate costing and comparisons.