Salary packaging

Helping thousands of Australians maximise their take-home pay


Salary packaging is an ATO-approved way for your staff to increase their disposable income.  By paying for certain expenses from their pre-tax income, your employees can take home more each pay. And all at no cost to you. Bringing decades of experience, we’re ready to work with you to build an effective program that we’ll administer on your behalf.

Hear from some of our customers

Helen, Salary Packaging Client, SA

“I’ve been using Smartgroup for years, saving money with salary packaging and would highly recommend it”

Tonya, Salary Packaging Client, SA

“Salary packaging with Smartgroup has been super-easy, the set-up is super easy, the people are lovely, and there’s an online portal so you can change your salary packaging at any time.”


Who is Smartgroup?


More and more organisations across Australia are finding out just how crucial a well-implemented salary packaging program can be. Each year, we partner with thousands of employer clients across a range of sectors to deliver benefits to them that matter.

We're proud to provide simplified employee benefits that make life easier - including salary packaging and novated leasing, fleet management, and payroll and workforce optimisation. No matter who we're working with, we make sure our services offer good financial benefits and greater efficiency, backed by award-winning service.

Investing in a Smart Future

As a trusted partner of employers in a variety of sectors across Australia, we’re committed to making sure we always offer the best possible service.

To help us keep improving what we deliver to our clients and their staff, we’ve launched the Smart Future program. By investing in our digital tools, we’re increasing our capabilities across a variety of channels – meaning we can simplify our operations and provide better customer experiences.

We'll be improving our websites, apps and client management software, while also introducing new digital customer engagement tools.

Delivering a salary packaging program that does the heavy lifting for you

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Why choose Smartsalary

For over 20 years, we’ve been making it easier for our customers to save. Smartsalary, a Smartgroup company, is one of Australia’s largest salary packaging providers and a trusted partner to over 400 clients across government and corporate organisations, education providers and major health care groups.

Packaging made easy

Our award-winning customer service and innovation make salary packaging easy. We have the people and processes in place to seamlessly manage your program – reducing the workload for your team and making sure employees enjoy their tax savings from day one.

Scale and specialisation

Experts in compliance

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