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10 March 2022
2022 International Women’s Day: Breaking the Bias with Erin Molan 

International Women’s Day is an especially important time to highlight the incredible achievements of the women in our lives whilst also raising awareness of gender biases that still exist. This year, Smartgroup was proud to celebrate the occasion with Australian media personality and 2Day FM Radio presenter Erin Molan.  

As an advocate for social change and female empowerment, Erin’s incredible story was a wonderful example of overcoming obstacles and turning negative experiences into positive actions that empower and protect others. We loved listening to Erin speak about her walk of life and career in the male-dominated world of sports journalism which came with some big challenges.  

Talking about taking the stage with her male co-hosts, Erin shared the importance of resilience.  

“I was the first woman to sit on that panel and talk football, and that was always going to be very controversial and not go down well in some sections of society.” – Erin Molan 

In addition to her professional accomplishments spanning across a decade, Erin is a proud ambassador for a number of charities including Bowel Cancer Australia, Save Our Sons and Defence Cares. She is also passionate about uplifting and mentoring young women.  

One of the biggest learnings she carries with her even now is to never let failure or someone’s opinion of you stand in your way.  

“Someone, whether it be in your personal life or professionally, who doesn’t recognise or see your worth doesn’t mean you don’t have it. It doesn’t mean you’re not an incredible human being or super talented at your job - it’s just one person’s opinion. Don’t ever give anyone else the ability or power to define how you feel inside and what you know you’re worth, and what your capabilities are.” – Erin Molan 

We’d like to thank Erin for joining Smartgroup in celebrating this year's International Women’s Day. If you’d like to read more about Erin, please click here.   

Smartgroup believes in empowering and supporting women's achievements, both inside and outside of our organisation. To find out more about the diversity, inclusion and gender equality at Smartgroup, please click here.