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Diversity Council Australia: Inclusive Employer 2023-2024

06 November 2023


Smartgroup is proud to be recognised again in 2023 as an Inclusive Employer, by the Diversity Council of Australia. We are one of 82 employers who have received this recognition and have held this award since 2019.

At Smartgroup, we are committed to building a culture where all our people feel they truly belong. We have a proud history of creating a thriving work environment, with diverse and inclusive teams. Celebrating this diversity is part of who we are.

We are taking action on diversity and inclusion through our:

  • Gender Equality Strategy
  • Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan
  • The development of a new Accessibility Action Plan
  • Establishing a Diversity Council
  • Establishing Employee Network Groups including a Pride Network for our LGBTIQA+ community
  • Celebrating diverse cultures within Smartgroup

You’ll see us continuing our focus on  diversity and belonging and ensuring the Smartgroup is a place where all our people are given equal opportunity to achieve their goals. 

Read more about the steps we are taking to be more inclusive