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22 July 2022
Smartgroup Foundation: Helping worthy causes that are making a real difference in people’s lives

We’re glad to have partnered up with The Pyjama Foundation to help kids in need through our Smartgroup Foundation. It’s an honour to provide some assistance with the help of the Pyjama Angels.

The Pyjama Foundation and their Pyjama Angels

It was 2004, and Bronwyn Sheehan OAM (Founder and CEO) could see the disadvantages faced by children in the foster care system. With such a tough road to face, the kids’ learning suffered.

And so, The Pyjama Foundation was born.

With its Love of Learning Program, the foundation works on children’s learning, life skills and self-confidence so that their life outcomes improve…and so the kids have a better chance of reaching their dreams.

That’s where the Pyjama Angels come in. They’re the volunteers who work with the children who need support and the work the Pyjama Angels do is of critical importance.


93% of foster children aged 7 read below the average level. 75% of children in care do not finish school. And 50% of our homeless have come from a care background.


The Pyjama Foundation and their Angels are working hard to turn this around. Pyjama Angels are matched with a child to spend an hour each week with them. The focus: learning activities, like reading books together, playing educational games and helping out with their homework.

A Pyjama Angel is an extra support person, one who brings some fun and encourages a love of learning. It’s not just about providing academic support, either…it’s about nurturing a meaningful relationship.

Through the work of their Angels, the Pyjama Foundation offers a community approach to teaching, and a way to protect vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

The Smartgroup Foundation and the Pyjama Angels

“We are so grateful for the support of Smartgroup Foundation for allowing us to sprinkle magic over the lives of vulnerable children”, says Bronwyn Sheehan.

We’re happy to report that the Smartgroup Foundation’s financial assistance has allowed the Pyjama Foundation to give 10 children living in foster care a positive and consistent adult role model.

As Bronwyn Sheehan says, “Thanks to the generosity of organisations like Smartgroup Foundation, we are able to change the life direction of these children and give them a fair chance at achieving their dreams”.

The work of a Pyjama Angel

Foster carers see first-hand the difference a Pyjama Angel makes in a child’s life. As one carer let us know:

“A Pyjama Angel makes a child feel special. They bring fun and laughter into a child’s life without stress or hidden agenda. They communicate with a child and make them feel safe. I have no hesitation in recommending this program to other carers. All children should have a Pyjama Angel.”

It’s fantastic to hear such positive words about the real impact the Angels are having in children’s lives.

The Smartgroup Foundation

The Smartgroup Foundation supports causes that give to the communities around us. Smartgroup employees have earmarked the types of projects that the foundation looks toward, including those for children in need, animal welfare, cancer, and the environment.

It’s stirring to see the phenomenal work of the Pyjama Foundation and their Angels.

For more information about The Smartgroup Foundation, take a look here. To read more about the Pyjama Foundation, please click here.


Photo credit: Chris Jack Photography