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2022: Smartgroup Foundation grant recipients

Batten Disease Support and Research Association

Ophthalmologist National Education Program 
The purpose of the Ophthalmologist National Education Program is to educate Australian ophthalmologists on detection and diagnosis of juvenile Batten disease - a severe, progressive, and terminal neurological disorder that primarily affects children. 

Baby Give Back

Fresh Start for Fleeing Families
Baby Give Back helps to create a fresh start for families impacted by domestic and family violence. They provide practical items such as a safe sleep space, clothing, toiletries, toys, books and formula.

Little Big Steps

Supporting Kids with Cancer: Using virtual reality to encourage exercise during and after treatment
Little Big Steps’ mission is to motivate kids to exercise during and after cancer treatment. This project will focus on the use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, which kids can use to engage in safe movement activities that suit their particular physical needs, with a dedicated physiotherapy team on hand to assist.

Morris Children's Fund Inc

Music Therapy 
The Morris Children’s Fund provides a Music Therapy Program for children with significant learning needs as a result of severe physical and multiple disabilities, or special needs. It provides children with the opportunity to learn and communicate through music and musical instruments. 

Otitis Media Group Inc t/a Earbus Foundation of WA

Listen, Learn, Live: Improving Ear Health in Remote Western Australia
With a mission to improve ear health in remote Western Australian, Earbus Foundation of WA helps to reduce the incidence of middle ear disease in the region with a view to Aboriginal and at-risk children reaching their full potential as they listen, learn and live well.

Wombat's Wish

Wombat's Wish parentally bereaved children's camp
Wombat's Wish will host a parentally bereaved children's camp that aims to support both parent/carer and child through their grief journey. Delivering the program over a weekend allows for an intensive therapeutic experience while simultaneously bringing people together and creating lasting meaningful connections.

Kanyini Connections Ltd

Young Veterans PTSD Program
The Young Veterans PTSD Program offers participants free-of-charge trauma support and a new way to connect with themselves, process their emotions, and explore behaviours and relationship patterns that have become problematic in their day-to-day lives – allowing them to address the key concerns that have been making their lives unmanageable.

Butterfly Foundation

Butterfly Foundation Podcast
Butterfly’s podcast, Let’s Talk, connects listeners with experts, people with a lived experience of eating disorders and body image issues, and their families and carers. Let’s Talk’s goal is to reduce shame and stigma and increase help-seeking by raising public awareness and understanding of eating disorders and body image issues. 

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

The Breakfast Library
ALNF’s Breakfast Library is an innovative program that seeks to supply vulnerable and at-risk children with a regular, healthy breakfast to promote good nutrition and enhance health and wellbeing, whilst boosting their literacy development by providing access to high-quality children’s literature.

MacKillop Family Services

Cycling to Success
The Cycling to Success bike program offers disadvantaged children a chance to build a bicycle for themselves or for someone in their community. The program works to build confidence and self-esteem, with the long-term aim to see the children gain skills to assist with learning and employment pathways. 

Friends With Dignity

Sanctuary Program
The Sanctuary Program creates a safe and welcoming home for survivors of domestic violence, in partnership with Refuge and DV Services. These homes are fully furnished with donated goods to rebuild their lives in a sustainable and supported way. 

Good360 Australia

Addressing the Digital Divide in Western Sydney
Good360 is a matchmaker, connecting the surplus and purposeful technology donations of businesses to Australians in need. The project matches, coordinates and procures, purchases and distributes data and devices (laptops, tablets and mobiles) todisadvantaged schools and charities across Western Sydney.

Green Fox Training Studio

JumpStart for Youth
The project will initiate a training studio for at-risk young people in Caboolture, Queensland. These people are at high risk of entering the youth justice system, and this studio will provide them with technical training, education and social support resources to build positive lifestyles away from crime. 

Bungalook Creek Wildlife Shelter

On the road to a rescue
Bungalook Creek Wildlife Shelter bulk purchases much-needed rescue equipment to distribute to volunteers. This project will provide equipment including kangaroo rescue bags, binoculars (a must when trying to search for an injured animal in the night) and tranquiliser equipment (only used by qualified, licensed volunteers) to new volunteers. 

Tangalooma EcoMarines Foundation Ltd

Expo to promote environmentally friendly careers for secondary schools
This project consists of a one-day expo which aims to inspire and encourage secondary school students to pursue career paths that protect the environment. Alongside like-minded peers, the students will learn how to mitigate the societal impacts on culture, history, ecology, and conservation.  

Nature Foundation

Kids on Country
Nature’s Foundation’s Kids on Country Leadership program provides Aboriginal young people the opportunity to participate in on-country camps, where they have the mental and physical space to develop, nurture and grow their ambition to pursue further study and evaluate career options.

Sir David Martin Foundation

Youth Network- Junaa Buwa! Aftercare program
The Junaa Buwa! Centre in Coffs Harbour supports young people aged 13 to 18, who are clients of juvenile justice and whose established use of alcohol and other drugs places them at risk of significant harm. This aftercare program works to end their cycle of addiction and imprisonment.