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2023: Smartgroup Foundation grant recipients

Rainforest Rescue

Repair & Rebuild of Vital Daintree Wildlife Habitat
The funding for wildlife corridor essential equipment is anticipated to elevate planting efficiency to the highest levels for the land management team. This will aim to significantly increase tree planting, accurate property management, and improved data analysis capabilities.

The Royal Women’s Hospital

Bonding with Baby audio wellbeing resources
The project aims to address the increased risk of mental health problems during pregnancy and the postnatal period by creating free, multilingual guided audio exercises focusing on self-compassion, attachment to self and baby, and anxiety management. These resources will be accessible on the Women's website, providing valuable support to women in multicultural Australia.

Cahoots’ Kids Camps

Hearts and Minds Programs South West
Focuses on improving the emotional and mental wellbeing of children with challenges or disabilities through therapeutic outlets, social inclusion, and creative experiences. Success of the program will result in improved health indicators, school attendance, and positive practices. Continuous feedback through focus groups and a parent's reference group ensures ongoing improvement of services. 


At the Crossroads - Bike Education
A 6-month western-Sydney bike education program for local refugee families, aiming to address mental health challenges during their transition to Australian life by providing a free, inclusive, and safe environment for families to learn cycling. This works in fostering community engagement, language practice, and exercise, particularly benefiting women and those facing cultural barriers.

Possum Portraits

The House in Ollie's Tummy book
We aim to publish 2,000 copies of "The House in Ollie's Tummy," a psychotherapeutic children's book designed for 3-6 year olds to support them through the loss of a sibling to miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. Developed in collaboration with child psychologists, the book serves resource for parents, fostering conversations around feelings, normalizing grief reactions, and helping children understand the circumstances, ultimately improving the mental health outcomes of children.

Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF)

AIEF Indigenous Education Pathways Program Support
Designed to empower young Indigenous students through career support, mentoring, and skill development, ensuring a smooth transition from secondary school to further studies and employment. The program, which has contributed to AIEF's high Year 12 completion rate and successful career outcomes for graduates, aims to provide holistic support, fostering a cycle of opportunity, progress, and empowerment for future generations of Indigenous leaders. 

Hobart City Mission

Small Steps housing support
Providing housing and support for young mothers aged 15-25 and their young children, who are either experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The program, offers crucial on-site support, education, and skills development for mothers, aiming to prevent the risk of child removal into the State Care system and empower these mothers to live independently with improved self-confidence and self-reliance.

McGovern Foundation

Wanderer Program
Since launching in July 2021, The Wanderer Program faces high demand, with a waitlist of over 50 people and daily inquiries. Offering free mentoring, the program helped 218 disadvantaged individuals get their licenses, provided 10,126 driving hours, achieved a 76% employment rate, and cleared $29,000 in fines. Seeking Smart Group's support, they aim to cover 200 Learners Permits or 150 Driving Lessons.

Cottage by the Sea Queenscliff

Take a Break kids camp
The Take A Break program is an enriching adventure camp that fosters vital skills, expands minds, and promotes team spirit, self-worth, and confidence among disadvantaged participants, particularly those from financially strained areas in Geelong, such as Norlane, Corio, and Whittington, offering respite to families and carers.

Youth of the Streets

Youth Empowerment Through Sports at The Bowen College
Aims to provide students with limited sport exposure the opportunity to engage in team sports, such as Ultimate Frisbee and a unique, inclusive sports program offered by Creating Chances and Collective Leisure. The initiative, addressing the diverse needs of the students, seeks to enhance their well-being, reduce stress stemming from trauma, and foster skills like resilience, leadership, and social interaction, ultimately contributing to positive community integration and a sense of belonging, aligning with the Circle of Courage philosophy

Royal Far West

Child and Family Services
Providing crucial developmental, behavioral, and mental health support, including telehealth services, for three isolated children facing challenges in rural NSW, aiming to reset their life trajectories by offering holistic, evidence-based care, building the capacity of parents and schools, and ultimately improving the long-term outcomes for these vulnerable children. 

MarionLIFE Community

MarionLIFE Youth Drop-In
The project aims to create a safe space with engaging activities, life skills workshops, and nutritious meals on Fridays after school for 10-17 year olds in the Inner Southern suburbs of Adelaide, addressing the needs identified through the Mission Australia Youth Survey Report and supporting local schools by assisting under-resourced support staff to enhance sustainability and capacity for valuable youth programs.

Edmund Rice Community Services

Edmund Rice Camp for Kids 2024
This project aims to support multi-day residential programs for children aged 8-12 in out-of-home care or facing adversity, offering nature-based activities and one-to-one mentoring to foster positive youth development, build self-worth, trust, and friendships, encouraging positive risk-taking for lasting impact


Home-Start program
This program provides essential wildlife corridor equipment which elevates planting efficiency to implement trauma-informed Parent Child Mother Goose sessions within Bendigo and Sunshine Home-Start programs, leveraging the existing Home-Start infrastructure to provide evidence-based support, fostering positive parent-child connections for families with complex vulnerabilities. 


Sick and Injured Kids in the Bush
Aims to enhance the skills of rural health workers through clinical training, focusing on critical pediatric care in remote areas to improve survival rates and long-term health outcomes for children, particularly in regions with higher mortality rates and increased risks of injuries. Funding for a workshop in Gunnedah, NSW, the program addresses identified learning needs, providing hands-on training to enhance participants' ability to manage paediatric emergencies and collaborate effectively in caring for critically ill children in remote settings.  

Fair Fight Foundation

The Supertee Project
Supertee, an award-winning, non-toxic hospital garment with fun Marvel designs, aims to provide psychological support, independence to parents, and improved morale for 16,000 sick children in Australia, offering a superior alternative to traditional hospital gowns.

The Shepherd Centre

Hear For You - for deaf teenagers
Hear For You, a mentoring initiative, empowers young individuals with hearing loss to build life and social skills, fostering emotional well-being and enabling them to overcome challenges, connect with peers, and embrace their differences, ultimately supporting them in thriving and reaching their full potential.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

CPActive Young Changemakers
Young Changemakers is a free 12-week online program led by CPActive Champions, empowering young individuals with cerebral palsy (CP) to develop self-advocacy skills, powerful communication techniques, and meaningful networks. The program, currently in pilot in NSW, aims to eliminate participation barriers and refine based on learnings for a broader rollout, impacting young people aged 14+ with CP.

St John Ambulance

Milingimbi and Homelands Schools
St John Ambulance is a leading provider of first aid with 140 years of experience serving the community. Their Smartgroup Foundation grant helped fund three AEDs to replace non-operational ones lost in a school fire, ensuring safety for students with heart conditions during excursions and addressing concerns in remote homelands schools, where a significant number of children have Rheumatic heart and Long QT syndrome.